Removal of lumps or cysts

Removal of lumps and cysts

Private Health Professionals offers a range of treatments to remove lumps and bumps.

These are all performed as minor surgery procedures at our premises and can sometimes be removed on a see & treat basis.

Lumps and cysts (swellings) can be removed if they are causing you significant problems or if you don’t like the way they look.
You will have an initial assessment and decision on the likely diagnosis will be given at that time.

Treatment options with be discussed following your individual needs. Many benign lesions do not require excision and alternatives will be discussed as well.

Benign skin lesions are growths that are harmless in nature. Harmless does not mean they do not cause pain or discomfort, only that they are not cancerous. They can still cause stress, pain and worry.

Lumps and cysts include a range of medical conditions: moles, cysts, keratoses, skin tags, corns and warts, to name a few. Private Health Professionals can offer you surgical removal of the benign lesions found on your body.

The procedure will include consent, local anaesthetic and then surgical removal of the lesion. This will then be closed using an appropriate technique but will likely be with sutures that may need removal in a 7-10 days’ time. Lesions that have been excised will be sent for investigation to ensure that they are benign in nature.

Referral to a specialist dermatologist is sometimes necessary if a lesion has an appearance that could represent a malignancy (cancerous). These lesions are best removed by a specialist as further treatment and more invasive surgical excision may be required.
Many lesions that are sent to specialists prove not to be malignant and a referral does not directly indicate a cancer.

Private Health Professionals can send a letter to your GP so that further investigation via the NHS can be organised.  A private Dermatologist referral is also possible.

Private Health Professionals also has a doctor with a qualification in Aesthetic medicine who can advise on various aspects of skin and scarring care. If you have any questions regarding treatments including scar advice, acne or wrinkle treatment then contact us.