Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation therapy north devon

Reduce the risk of future injury

There are two aspects to our rehabilitation therapies:


Preparation prior to exercising. Enables a person / athlete to optimise their training and performance as well as decreasing risk of injury or worsening of symptoms.


A programme of exercises given to improve mobility and regain independence following injury, surgical intervention or pathology

The practitioner will look at your posture and movement as part of the clinical decision making process, and determine an exercise prescription to achieve your treatment goals.

At Private Health Professionals we have a fully equipped rehabilitation gym with Pilates machines, wall bars, resistance training, weights, Thera band, gym balls, boxing, spinning bikes and running machine.

Private Health Professional’s gym is private and kitted out for the use of our clients only. It provides the perfect environment for you to regain confidence, whether it’s to get back to training at an elite level of sporting performance, or simply to reach a functional goal such as walking or running. Qualified professionals are there at every step to support your progress.

The rehabilitation gym is used by our well established fitness experts to look at blood lactate, VO2 max testing and functional performance tests. These enable us to assess your physical health and get you on the path for all levels of fitness, from the couch to 5km, a marathon, cycling events or even training for a triathlon.

Gait analysis with biomechanical assessment is also available in the gym using specialised equipment.

The types of rehabilitation we offer at Private Health Professionals include:

  • Pre and post operation – recovery and rehabilitation including
    • Total hip and knee operations
    • Anterior cruciate ligament recovery non-surgical and post operation recovery
    • Shoulder labral tears, joint replacement, acromioclavicular wiring
    • Recovery after back surgery / micro-discectomy /spinal fusion /disc herniation
  • Functional rehabilitation
    • Post head injury concussion or brain tumour
    • Muscle tears
    • Whiplash / road traffic accidents
    • Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
    • Neck pain
    • Osteoarthritis joint stiffness and muscle weakness
    • Pre- and post- natal physiotherapy / Pilates (injury prevention, incontinence prevention and treatment, symphysis pubis dysfunction)

Our treatment programme aims to get you back to your functional goals of any kind. This may be as simple as walking your dog or going shopping, to getting back to running a full marathon. Evaluation happens before you start and at the end of a 6 or 10 week block booking using the bleep test, VO2 max testing or functional testing.

Adjunct modalities to exercise treatment:

  • Theraband
  • Foam Rollers
  • Gym Balls
  • BOSU
  • Sit fit cushions
  • Franklin Balls
  • Orthotics
  • Pilates mats

Running coaches

We have highly experienced running coaches available who will give you a full running assessment and a running programme to suit your needs whether it’s to achieve a couch to 5 km run or a full marathon. They  will work in the gym with you to help you gain strength, speed and agility to allow you to become a better runner.  A 6-10 week package is advisable.

British cycling coach and triathlon coach

This will help you to improve your overall strength, fitness and body control. Your coach will look at the biomechanics of movement, tailored to your individual needs and goals. This may be for your first triathlon or cycle race or perhaps an elite competition.

Yoga and movement coach

If you would like to concentrate on getting back to basic functional movements to improve tight painful joints, relieve stress and anxiety or help improve athletic performance we recommend you book in with our yoga and mindfulness teacher. He will give you the reboot your need to achieve a better, stronger and relaxed mind and body, giving you confidence to achieve your everyday activities or excel in your chosen sporting field.

Pilates instructor

If you would like an individual Pilates assessment and programme, a 6 week block booking can be made for specific rehabilitation needs using mat and reformer exercises with Megan Sturley (STOTT Pilates instructor in mat and reformer classes) or individual sessions or packages can be booked with Polestar Pilates trained instructor Nickola Evans.

Gait Analysis

Private Health Professional can offer a full gait analysis with an exercise prescription. The ultimate end goal is to improve your running or walking performance as well as supporting high level sporting achievements. PHP ltd use postural analysis, non-weight bearing assessment in treatment room, and full weight bearing assessment with Spark Motion Pro software with a full assessment on running machine to determine any biomechanical problems.