Megan Sturley and Jo Griffiths. Directors of PHP

A Unique approach to multi-disciplinary healthcare and fitness.

Joanna Griffiths (left) and Megan Sturley (right) have both been successfully working in private practice and sports medicine for over 15 years. After moving from New Zealand and London, they discovered that there were no private health practices in North Devon working as a multidisciplinary team, all under the same roof.

An idea formed and they were keen to collaborate and build on the success of their own private practices in Barnstaple. Private Health Professionals Ltd was born through the design of a model to enable a group of elite medical practitioners to work together.

Private Health Professionals opened in June 2017 and now proudly present our vision of highly experienced practitioners working together to help people transform their lives and reach their highest potentials. All our practitioners are DBS checked.

Welcome to Private Health Professionals Ltd in North Devon.

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