Weight Management Service

PHP Weight Loss Programme

Struggling to manage your weight?

Tried countless diets in an effort to shed the pounds?

Worried your excess weight may be impacting your health?

At Private Health Professionals we provide a comprehensive and personalised programme to help you lose weight and regain your health using safe, proven and effective treatments and evidence-based strategies.

The PHP Weight Loss and Lifestyle Programme is led by Dr Simon Chappell who is supported by his expert team of highly qualified allied health professionals.

Dr Chappell is a GP with 12 years’ experience and an expert in weight management. As a SCOPE-certified obesity medicine practitioner (the only internationally recognised qualification in obesity care) he has undergone specialist training in the delivery of weight management services in England & Wales. Dr Chappell is able to guide and support you on your weight-loss journey.

Wanting reliable, guaranteed results? From safe, effective treatments?

Alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice, Dr Chappell is able to offer different management options in his clinic, including the anti-obesity injections – Wegovy & Mounjaro – and the Allurion Gastric Balloon. The programme is fully bespoke to the individual, physician-led & medically supervised so you can achieve effective results that last in a safe and supportive environment.

Before the initial consultation, Dr Chappell requests that you complete some specific questionnaires and a food diary, which will be emailed to you in advance.

Your initial 1-hour consultation involves review of the pre-assessment questionnaires, and a full medical assessment including taking a weight history and identifying related health problems to enable obesity risk profiling. Together you will agree your weight-loss and health improvement goals. Dr Chappell will advise on strategies to achieving your aims and will outline available treatment options (e.g. lifestyle adjustments, weight-loss medication, Allurion programme). You will plan an appropriate follow-up schedule (e.g. fortnightly / monthly / as required) and create a package to assist you in regaining control of your weight and redefining your life path.

What’s included in my initial consultation?


  • Pre-assessment questionnaires & food diary (to be completed at least 1 week before your appointment)
  • Review of medical & weight history
  • Weight loss education tutorial
  • Outline of treatment options – Wegovy, Mounjaro or Allurion.
  • Medication information and counselling
  • Nutritional coaching & bespoke advice
  • Lifestyle adjustment recommendations
  • Pre-screening blood tests – dependent on bespoke programme


Blood tests (if not already available) may be advised based on your assessment. These can be taken by Dr Chappell at the time of your initial consultation. Results of these investigations help build a picture of your overall health, give baseline levels for later comparison, and ensure appropriate and safe prescribing (if chosen) and inform clinical management and recommendations.

At PHP we are all about personalised health. Weight management is no different, and when it comes to weight-loss plans, there is no one-size-fits all approach. Dr Chappell holds a Diploma from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (DipIBLM) and during your consultation he will be able to share recommendations with you based on the six-pillars (nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep, social connection, and health-risk behaviours). Using motivational-interviewing techniques you will create SMART plans (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) to improve your health and wellbeing.

Allurion® Gastric Balloon

The innovative Allurion swallowable gastric balloon is a safe and effective weight-loss treatment. It assists you to lose weight safely and quickly by making you feel full and satisfied with smaller portion sizes, reducing hunger cravings, thereby helping you kick-start your weight loss journey.

The Allurion balloon is the first and only gastric balloon that does not require surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia. It is swallowed as a capsule, under the guidance & supervision of Dr Chappell. Once in the stomach and after its position is checked with an x-ray, the balloon is then filled with water. The entire procedure takes as little as 15-20 minutes.

Ingeniously the Allurion Gastric Balloon is designed such that approximately 4 months after placement the balloon empties, the water inside is released, and the balloon can then pass naturally, without the need for a removal procedure.

With a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, patients on average can lose 10-15% of total body weight in approximately 16 weeks on the Allurion Programme. That’s almost 2.5 times greater than with diet and lifestyle alone and could represent a loss of at least two or three stone, depending on your starting weight.

How much weight can I expect to lose?


Lifestyle Allurion Wegovy Mounjaro
~5% 10-15% 15% 20%


Each programme is personalised to the individual and might include working with allied health professionals at Private Health Professionals in Barnstaple in our private clinic rooms. Dr Chappell will be closely monitoring your progress and will make any necessary adjustments to ensure you feel fully supported throughout this time.

Weight Loss Injections

When it comes to medical treatments for obesity, the new weight-loss injections are true game-changers. (It could be compared to the acid-reflux medications (PPIs) now so commonplace, all but eliminating the need for the stomach ulcer surgery of yesteryear.)

These so-called “skinny jabs” work on hunger hormones produced by the stomach in response to food, telling your brain you’ve had enough to eat. They make you feel fuller earlier during a meal and that feeling lasts for longer, thereby helping you eat less and reducing cravings.

Wegovy® targets one hunger hormone, called GLP-1, whereas Mounjaro® affects both GLP-1 and another hormone called GIP. These medications can help you lose an average of 15% (Wegovy) or 22.5% (Mounjaro) of your total body weight – that could mean up to four or five stone depending on your starting weight. The treatment is given by a weekly self-injection with gradually increasing dose over the first few months.

At Private Health Professionals we realise that giving yourself an injection can be a daunting thing. We can guide you every step of the way, and supervise your first treatment, or every time depending on your preference.

Both injectable medications are licenced and approved for weight management – in conjunction with dietary measures and increased physical activity – in individuals with a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or more, or with a BMI of 27 kg/m2 or more in the presence of at least one weight-related health condition

Body Mass Index

How much you would like to weigh can vary, and not everyone believed to be carrying excess weight would be considered unhealthy, but it generally recognised that those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 (and particularly over 27) are at higher risk of weight-related illness and poor health outcomes. (Of course, there are flaws in the use of BMI, particularly on an individual level, but it is a rough starting point.) Body Mass Index is a measure of your weight relative to your height. You can calculate your BMI here: e.g.

But why do I struggle to lose weight?

Let’s talk about set point. You may already have tried losing weight by yourself, and perhaps you’ve had some short-term modest success. But it’s likely that you found it difficult keeping the weight off as time has gone on. That’s because the body adapts in response to the weight loss attempt – it slows down your metabolism and increases hunger making you crave high calorie foods. This is because it senses that there’s a shortage of food available and tries to conserve energy to prevent starvation. So for every pound you try and lose from where you started your body vigorously tries to defend that “set point” and get you back to where you started. In fact, people often find they end up heavier after dieting than before. They put the weight back on, and more. The body’s mechanisms are so effective it often overshoots. Over time people find they gradually overall put on more and more weight, but not through lack of effort in trying.

And if it was simply a case of ‘Eat Less, Move More’, then no-one would be struggling with excess weight. Obesity is a complex problem and needs to be viewed as a chronic (long-term) disease where there are many factors involved – genetic, physiological, social, environmental, psychological, to name a few. There are significant health risks to being overweight (increased chance of diabetes, heart disease & stroke, liver disease and some cancers, as well as mental health difficulties, musculoskeletal disorders and problems with fertility). By addressing the root of the problem and ending your battle with excess weight it is possible to prevent or even reverse these risks, and to make significant tangible health gains – greater even than simply moving the numbers on the scales.

At Private Health Professionals we offer the latest evidence-based strategies and treatments with proven results, so that you can see measurable improvements in health and vitality, while achieving your weight-loss goals and objectives. This is delivered in a motivational, encouraging and non-judgemental way. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight-loss, and we aim to provide a private, confidential, and personalised experience in a supportive and professional environment.


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