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Nickola Evans

Role: Pilates Instructor
Treatments:  Pilates

Nickola is a comprehensively trained Polestar Pilates Instructor who has been teaching Pilates since 2004.

She loves the creativity involved in teaching Pilates, how exercises can be adapted and combined to produce beautifully flowing, functional movement. She also enjoys the challenge involved in transforming someone with little body awareness into someone strong and graceful.
Nickola believes it is important as an instructor to keep up-to-date with new understanding and teaching in the fitness industry.

Here are some testimonials from former clients.

Nickola teaches you in such a way that Pilates isn’t just for that individual class but is about incorporating it into your day to day life. It will change the way you know your body and you will understand how to listen to it. She is amazing explaining every movement which helps you to visualize it and do it correctly. Her love for Pilates goes beyond exercise, she teaches you how to love your body, however it is and be grateful for it!

Nickola’s style of teaching is unique in every way! Her communication of information is never boring or overwhelming but always illuminating and insightful. She has a knack of knowing exactly what a body needs at any particular moment and is always staying on top of current research to make sure that what she’s teaching is fresh, safe and highly effective…all this and she is committed to sharing Joseph Pilates’ original vision of whole body health! I’m sorry that she is no longer close enough to take advantage of her teaching on a weekly basis but will definitely be travelling to her for a dose of movement medicine very soon.

I am 70+. I knew Nickola was good as I saw my daughter transformed after major surgery. She is gentle, a good listener and astute at diagnosing body and mind issues. She is very knowledgeable but able to describe exercises in visual, everyday language. She majors on what you can do and builds on that and she very quickly gained my trust that she would not push me out of my comfort zone. She actually transformed my life. I feel 10 years younger. I have been on holiday, been swimming and back to gardening and am pain free. Friends and family have commented how much better I look. She is hugely missed as she has a very special gift. I highly recommend Nickola, whatever your age or problem. Devon’s gain is Bristol’s loss.”

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