At Private Health Professionals we want to help you understand all the information you receive from us.

We can communicate with you in a number of ways such as letter (including larger print), text, telephone or face to face.
If you have a preferred way for us to contact you then please let our admin team or your practitioner know and we can make a note of this on your record.

If you need an interpreter then we are happy to accommodate this. To book a British Sign Language interpreter you can contact telephone 0845 685 8000 or textphone 0845 685 8001.

For other languages, Private Health Professionals can use Language Line to have the assistance of an interpreter.

When you book your appointment if you require an interpreter please let the admin team know so that we can have everything ready for you when you come to the appointment.


A chaperone is a trained adult, who can be present during an examination if requested by the patient or practitioner. A chaperone is there to protect both the patient and the practitioner from allegations of inappropriate behaviour. Private Health Professionals have staff who are trained as formal chaperones, should you or your practitioner request one to be present during any examination.