Our Practitioners

Dr Simon Chappell


Role: General Practitioner & Lifestyle Medicine / Weight Management Physician

Having graduated in medicine from the University of Bristol and completed vocational training in General Practice in North Devon, Dr Chappell holds a diploma from the International Board for Lifestyle Medicine and is passionate about treating, reversing, and preventing chronic disease through lifestyle change.

He is a CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Programme) Facilitator, a MMF (Moving Medicine Forward) Master, and is trained in Evidence-Based Plant-Based Clinical Nutrition from the University of Winchester.

Dr Chappell has a specialist interest in weight management and is a SCOPE-Certified Practitioner – the only internationally-recognised obesity management qualification and the ‘international gold standard’ for healthcare professionals treating overweight and obesity.

He is licensed to provide medications (e.g. Wegovy® & Mounjaro®) and/or the Allurion® gastric balloon, in conjunction with dietary measures and increased physical activity, to assist clients struggling with overweight and obesity in achieving sustained weight-loss.