Medication Review

Medication Review

Are you unsure if you are on the right medications?

Do you have unanswered questions regarding your current medications?

Are you thinking of stopping a medication that you are on but want a chance to talk this through a with a qualified professional?

You can meet a doctor face to face and ask them to talk you through all the concerns or thoughts you might have about your medication. Medications are important in staying healthy, but we all know that they can also have side effects. Understanding what the medications are and all your options is important to your long-term health.

A medication review can only be fully carried out if you come prepared with all the medications that you are currently taking documented, including dosages and times.

During a medication review at Private Health Professionals, our doctors will discuss what you already know regarding your medications and what they are taken for. They will then discuss any concerns, questions or problems with the medications.

You will also be asked if you take any OTC (over the counter) medication and what you are using them for. Further discussions on any monitoring that is required as part of your medication i.e. blood testing will also be done.

Please discuss any side effects that you think you might be experiencing from your medications as this will help guide the individual advice you will receive.

Appropriate use and methods for taking the medications will also be given.

Together with your doctor an individual treatment plan will be organised and clear instructions / advice on how best to move forward will be given. All advice is within your control and no changes will be made without your knowledge and consent.

If you are unsure about anything please ask – being fully informed will help you feel more at ease.