Assessment, diagnosis and treatment

Medical assessment

All your healthcare needs can be assessed at Private Health Professionals. This can help with any specific concerns you may have or identify any health risk factors going forward.

Are there issues that are stopping you from you daily activities or a family history of medical issues that you would like to examine?

You will have time to discuss both short and long-term goals with your doctor, who can then set up an individualised treatment plan specific to your needs. We can give you a fuller picture of your health for now and for the future.


Identifying the underlying nature and cause of an illness or health problem ensures accurate understanding of the problem at hand. This can be done with a consultation including medical history. An initial discussion, with background information of the issue, is of prime importance to guide us further.

When necessary we can make use of various technical tools: blood tests (place link for blood test page), ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, chest auscultation, movements and special clinical examinations are all at hand to help us.

Once a diagnosis is made, we can proceed to a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

private doctor examination


Individual treatment plans range from advice and guidance to medication, surgical intervention or injection as required. At times a further referral to a specialist will be appropriate. Whatever the treatment is Private Health Professionals can be there with you for each step of the way.

Guidance on healthy lifestyles, wellbeing support, menopausal advice, medication, surgical intervention, training for sporting events or referrals to a specialist are all available through our team.

Private Health Professional’s doctors can help with any health concerns you may have.