Nutritional Therapy in Devon


The main aims of a nutritionist are to identify and address the root cause of any health concerns or complaints, restore balance, and ultimately to support the mechanisms by which your body can heal itself.

A wide variety of health problems can be significantly improved with dietary and lifestyle changes, including problems with digestion and immunity, energy levels and sleep, hormone imbalances, and difficulties with managing weight and shape.

Prior to your session you will be asked to complete and return a health history form and symptom questionnaire, along with your desired treatment outcomes and a food diary.

Our practitioner then prepares their recommendations to discuss during your first consultation which normally lasts for 45 minutes, after which your formal recommendations are sent either by email or post.

At this point testing may be recommended to identify underlying nutritional deficiencies, organ and system imbalances such as parasitic infections and bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the gut. Testing also highlights where organs and systems require additional support, such as those which govern the stress response, allow your immune system to function optimally, or determine how well you sleep.

A short list of supplements may be recommended alongside dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as referrals to other trusted professionals as requested.


Initial telephone / Zoom consulatation45mins£60
Follow up consultations30mins£40