What is Hypopressives?

Hypopressives is a holistic breathing technique designed to activate the pelvic floor in a different way to kegal exercises.

By connecting breath work with posture awareness and strength work, Hypopressives is a whole-body approach and a subconscious contraction of the pelvic floor. It works well for women who have a tight pelvic floor and find kegals can make their symptoms worse.
Hypopressives is becoming more and more popular in the UK as another option to standard pelvic floor squeezes (kegals) and the results really are speaking for themselves. In my personal practice alone I have seen women with 3 prolapses be able to avoid surgery by managing their symproms through hypopressives.

Women who have had to wear a pad at all times in case of leaking be able to have the confidence to take the pad out and have no leaks. Women who have had to stop running due to fear of making their prolapse worse or symptoms worse have been able to get back to running marathons.

If you are suffering with symptoms of prolapse (heaviness in the pelvis or vagina), stress or urge incontinence, difficulty going to the toilet, separation in abdominals post birth, lower back or hip pain, please get in touch and lets get you on the road to recovery with this amazing technique.

How Lizzie works

The first steps to learning Hypopressives is an initial consultation. This is two 1 hour one to one session where I will find out more about you, what is going on, what causes more problems, what help you have had so far etc, I will then find out what your goals are, is there any activity your want to get back to or do you just want to feel better in yourself.

I will then look at your posture and how you stand, also how you naturally breathe so I have as much information as possible to help you. I will then start to teach you the basics of the Hypopressive technique. After this appointment I will send you a short report of what we discussed and an exercise sheet with the technique written down so you have something to follow between our first and second appointments.

In our second session about 4 weeks later, I will find out if you have had any problems, questions, and any successes, take another look at your posture, breathing and also check your hypopressives is going well. We will then start to develop the technique and I will introduce you to some different postures and positions to try. These postures engage different muscles for a whole body approach to help improve your strength and receive better results.

Follow up one to one appointment’s can be booked in individual sessions or in blocks. We will discuss options in the second appointment.

Hypopressives treatment

Initial assessment package (2 hours)2 x 60 mins£130
Follow up appointments60 mins£65