Our Practitioners

Lizzie Duggan

Role: Hypopressive therapist and soft tissue therapist
Treatments:  Hypopressives Massage

Lizzie is a Core Rehab specialist and massage therapist. She has been coaching clients in fitness since 1998, treating soft tissue issues since 2000 and more recently working in Core rehabilitation since 2014.

A senior trainer, Lizzie is trained to Hypopressives Level 1 and 2. Lizzie is also a Level 5 Sports & Remedial massage therapist (London School of Sports Massage)

Lizzie has a passion for helping people feel better in their bodies whether that is through Massage or Hypopressives, she uses all of her knowledge and skills to offer a bespoke service to her clients to ensure they receive the best results.

Lizzie’s approach

Lizzie’s approach is to listen carefully to her clients, observe how they stand, breathe, and move, find out about their lifestyle and what makes things feel worse or better. Depending on why the client has come to see her she will then either focus on Hypopressives for Core Rehab work combined with Pilates and stretching techniques when required or utilise sports massage techniques to improve range of movement and reduce tension. Over her 25 years as a coach and massage therapist, Lizzie has worked with a variety of people from office workers to athletes and everyone in between with all different wants and needs and enjoys what she does, which comes through in her sessions.

She also loves to learn and is currently doing a course on female hormones from menstruation to menopause and also 3rd Age women, which includes exercise and diet for perimenopause/ menopausal women, so she can offer more support to her clients on this topic.

Lizzie can help with the following

  • Improve symptoms of prolapse and stress or urge incontinence.
  • Post abdominal surgery recovery.
  • Pre and Postnatal exercise including aiding recovery of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and weak pelvic floor in postnatal women.
  • Improvement of posture using Pilates based strength work and Hypopressives.
  • Sports and deep tissue massage
  • Holistic massage for relaxation, including Hot stone massage, Indian head massage and full body relaxing massage.
  • Yoga to help stretch and release tension in the body and mind.


In her down time Lizzie loves spending time with her two boys and husband, walking her dog, dancing, weight training and trying to surf although she is not very good at it.