Our Practitioners

Dr Maria Mastrantonio

Role: GP, Executive Coach
Treatments:  Executive coaching

Dr Maria Mastrantonio is a GP of over 20 years and latterly, a Transformational and Executive Coach. She is Level 7 accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. This is the top coaching qualification the of the Institute. In addition, she is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. This is the highest and most prestigious grade the Institute offers.

Maria offers her Transformational Coaching within a supportive, encouraging and compassionate framework. She generally works with professionals (for example, Doctors, Healthcare Managers, Lawyers, Psychologists, Accountants, Human Resource Managers).

She has an extensive understanding of professional occupations and is confident that she can quickly come to understand the important aspects of your own work and your professional sphere. In her experience, skilled professionals bring to their work a particular level of dedication, quality and commitment. However, it is often the limiting thought patterns that can drive behaviours such as perfectionism, overwork and ultimately lead to burnout.
Together, she can work with you to realise that there are always other options open to explore.

Her own success as a professional has involved becoming aware of these thought patterns and learning how to harness them to move forward positively.

She is passionate about Compassionate and Authentic Leadership and helping you with next steps when you feel stuck, unfulfilled and anxious about possible next steps. She can help you with career issues, work relationships and personal relationships. She also works with individuals who wish to make the whole of their current life the subject of the coaching: family, friends, work, health, leisure and whatever else you feel is important.

Her coaching will allow you to break free from old, ‘stuck’ patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. This can be truly liberating and life transforming!


Faye – Owner and Coach, Triple-A-Way.com 1-11-2021
I signed up to use Maria’s coaching services as I was setting up a business and recognised that starting out on entrepreneurship was in part to do with mindset. Maria’s coaching helps me to navigate the doubt that naturally comes in and helps me to gain clarity to make decisions for me and my business so that I will succeed. Maria coaching techniques and professionalism are second to none. Having someone to support me and to hold me accountable has been invaluable to my journey.

Nicola Jones, Head of Integrated Care, Devon CCG NHS – 08-11-2021
Coaching sessions with Maria over the past few months have been many things – thought-provoking, habit-changing, calming, searching, inspiring and enjoyable – and have led to changes in the way I handle some situations (including time pressures of a working day). As a coach, Maria embodies positive energy, confidence, trust, honesty and empathy – but empathy in a way that challenges at the same time – and I always felt heard and understood. Maria listens and with intuition picks up on what turned out to the nub of things which had definite potential for improvement! ….I recommend Maria as a coach to anyone looking to make positive change in their professional lives. Thank you, Maria.
GP Partner Devon. 19-08-2021
It was quite daunting to consider this initially, but it was a very positive experience which I would highly recommend ….all should do regularly for their wellbeing.